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New Hope Village
4 Veterans

To end homelessness for Veterans and their families through quality housing, social services, and support.



The organization was founded April 5, 2013, by retired military Veteran, Cheryl Turner. After navigating through homelessness herself, Ms. Turner was compelled to help other Veterans find their way from homeless to the sanctuary of a safe and stable home while maintaining their dignity.

The organization fulfills its mission each day by working hands on with the most vulnerable Veterans in Essex County, NJ, helping each person successfully transition back into civilian life through a coordination of resources and referrals.

Board Members

Cheryl Turner          Founder and Board Chair

Amy Reynold          Board Secretary

Freddie Batchelor  Board Treasurer

Chris Sanders         Board Member

Hugo Montero       Board Member

We are so happy to announce that since 2012 we have handed out...

5,774 Toys

650 PJs

2,200 Coats

185,636 Meals

Not to mention we have placed... 

250 veterans in hotel stays for 3 days or more

Found 278 apartments

Helped pack up 18 people to move and rented several vans to help move them

Paid for 15 young men to go to NJ American Legion Boys State.

 2 families and 6 single veterans into my own house to live in until they were able to move into their own place.

All of this has been done on a grand total of $20,000 in donations. If we can do this much with so little help can you picture what we could do with real money? That is why we are trying to raise the money to build housing that will be a place for at least 600 to 1,200 families to call home. NJ is not the only place we want to build housing in, but this is where we want to start.


Our Services

We offer services that aid local Veterans in rebuilding their life with dignity.

"Air Force vet honored for serving her country and her selfless work at home in New Jersey"


We accept Donations!

If you're interested in contributing to our Organization, please click on the donate button below.


All donations help us complete our mission!

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